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Iryna Nerubaieva

Iryna has been working at the AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW-Ukraine) with innovative and pilot projects targeting key populations since 2012. She is currently the manager of the project “Underaged, overlooked: Improving access to integrated HIV services for adolescents most at risk in Ukraine” (funded by the Expertise 5% French international initiative), and is responsible for the human rights component of the project “Bridging the Gaps: Health and Rights for Key Populations”.

Iryna has about 15 years of experience in HIV/AIDS prevention, which started with volunteering. Prior to joining AFEW-Ukraine, she worked for the ICF “Alliance for Public Health” in Ukraine in harm reduction projects among key populations (PWID, MSM, SWs, prisoners) and for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) as a consultant within the primary HIV prevention project for children and youth “The Join In Circuit on AIDS, Love & Sexuality”.

Iryna has a Bachelor’s degree in social work from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA), a certificate in social psychology and conflict studies (NaUKMA), and a Master’s degree in sociology from the International Solomon University (ISU).

The problem is that often teenagers know almost nothing about their rights and therefore do not understand when their rights are violated. Because of this, they do not seek help. The experience of our work proves that it is not enough just to ask “Are your rights being violated?”. This session will help you learn how every adult can help teenagers fully enjoy and protect their rights. During the session, all participants will receive a simple and effective tool for identifying violations of adolescents’ rights and advice on how to respond effectively to such violations.

Join the session by Iryna Nerubaieva and Vita Musatenko “Monitoring of violations of adolescents’ rights” on September 16 at 11.00.