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Хайдукова Ольга

Olha Khaidukova

Accredited psychotherapist of the Gestalt approach in the All-Ukrainian Association of Psychologists who practice the Gestalt approach, supervisor.

– The topic of sexuality is ridden with different concepts and myths. Talking to other people about this part of your life can be embarrassing and scary. And this can make us feel confused and vulnerable. In the session “Talking about sexuality” together with Olha you will be able to talk about what sexuality is and how it is related to the concept of “attractiveness”. Understand whether sexual and gender identity is the same as sexual orientation. Also, we will talk about what is considered normal in sexuality. Be sure to join on September 15 at 16.40!

– Unfortunately, the vast majority of psychotherapist’s clients have faced a situation of violence. Experienced violence can remain an open wound for many years and make a person very vulnerable. Sometimes working with the trauma of violence can be complicated because of certain characteristics of the specialist – their attitudes, inner conflicts, echoes of their own experience of violence, myths about violence. In the session “Working with victims of violence: safety rules” on September 17 at 14.50 you will learn what a trauma of violence is and how to organize a safe and resourceful support process when dealing with trauma.