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About the Conference

Welcome to the website of the Conference
for and about teens “Through virtual to real”!

Why online?

Back in 2015 we organized the first conference in Ukraine related to working with adolescents. It provided access to modern approaches and tools for professionals to be used in their practices. Materials and recordings from that conference can be found on our website by following the link:
In the situation of the global epidemic, access to information and learning must be safe. Therefore, we decided to hold this Conference online. This format allows participation of any person who wants to take part in the Conference.

For what purpose?

We hold this Conference so that services for adolescents are friendly, systemic, and high quality. We believe that prevention of HIV/TB/hepatitis/sexually transmitted infections must be effective and accessible to every adolescent, as well as be in line with international standards. 

So far, Ukrainian legislation does not define the term of “adolescent person”. Therefore, we are guided by the WHO definition that an adolescent is any person between ages 10 and 19. (official quote). 

We deliberately do not single out separate groups of adolescents, because the problems they face are primarily conditioned by the peculiarities of this age. The approaches we will present at this Conference are equally effective for all adolescents, regardless of their social status, level of education, gender identity, or other characteristics.


For whom?

For adolescents and professionals working for adolescents and with them. 

Presentations slotted in the agenda before 4 pm are mostly aimed at professionals, while sessions after 4 pm – at adolescents. However, there are no restrictions on attending any session you might get interested in.

Who are the organizers?

ICF “AIDS Foundation East-West” (AFEW-Ukraine) in partnership with ICF “Alliance for Public Health”. 

Moreover, two organizing committees worked with us on preparing the Conference, bringing together experts from the partner network and leaders from among adolescents. 



The official language of the Conference is Ukrainian. However, we will also provide translation of individual sessions from/into English and Russian.

How the Conference
will be held 

The Conference agenda includes online broadcasting and demonstration of recorded sessions. The agenda will include explanation on how one can view the recording and join online broadcasting of each session. In addition to watching the presentations, participants will have the opportunity to talk to the speakers and to get to know each other. 


What can you find on the website?

On the Conference website, you can see the agenda, information about the speakers and schedule of sessions, get access to the materials, select the most interesting sessions and events, and join these activities after registration. In the Q&A section, you can get more information about the Conference and watch video guide on using this website. 


Why register?

Some of the activities will be broadcast on our social media, but only registered participants of the Conference will have access to all Conference sessions and, materials, as well as be able to participate in all discussions during online sessions and communicate with other participants. 

Registered Conference participants will have the opportunity to download an electronic certificate of participation. 

A nice bonus will be drawing of prizes with promotional materials of the Conference. 


How much
does it cost to participate
in the Conference?

Participation in the Conference is free of charge.

Where else can one follow information about the Conference?

Basic information and broadcasts of some of the sessions can also be found on the Conference’s telegram channel ( and on Facebook:
. Conference hashtag – #віртуальнопрореальне