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Richard Ives

Richard Ives

In his work, Richard Ives has focused on children and young people; with an emphasis on prevention and education around undesirable behaviors, e.g. drinking, smoking, drug use, gambling, violence, etc.

His work includes: 

– the development of educational resources (for example, videos and website content); 

– designing and delivering training and professional development (for example, the 2015 Kyiv Conference ‘Effective approaches to working with adolescents with substance use experience’); 

– project evaluation (for example, a five-year formative and summative evaluation of the Camden Children’s Fund (in London)); 

– and policy work (for example, as an expert member of the UK’s Gambling Commission’s “safer gambling” advisory group).

Richard has promoted and developed the lifeskills-based approach to school drug education both in the UK and in other countries. This has included a UNODC lifeskills-based education project working with local education and drugs professionals in the three Baltic countries.

A Project in Eastern Ukraine with the Council of Europe Pompidou Group (2007-08), ‘Lifeskills Education in Ukraine’, for which he was Lead Consultant, involved lifeskills education training for teachers and other educators using a “supported cascade” model where the local professionals were trained to deliver the training programme (designed by Mr. Ives), to other professionals.


Participants of the session offered by Richard will learn about the lifeskills approach to risk reduction and its applicability in educational and other settings. They will understand that there is a good theoretical basis for this approach and that it has been positively evaluated in a number of different contexts.

Participants will learn how young people need a range of life skills to reduce the risks they might experience, and how these skills are an essential complement to knowledge about risks, and how they help young people to take action in accordance with their beliefs and attitudes.

Participants will learn about practical ways of implementing the lifeskills approach with young people.

The “Lifeskills approach to Risk Reduction” session will start on September 16, 14:00