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Туреханов Ягдар

Yagdar Turekhanov

Psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist. He has 17 years of experience in HIV service. Private psychotherapeutic practice – 21 years. Areas of work: client-centered psychotherapy, existential therapy.

People of helping professions know the symptoms of burnout well: reluctance to go to work, indifference or hatred of clients and colleagues, constant fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, etc. Many people know the proposed methods of treatment – timely vacation, active and interesting leisure, efficient time management, a clear definition of their responsibilities, the ability to say “nope” to people who are trying to shift their duties to you, and more. But practice shows that all these methods can only temporarily relieve the symptoms of burnout.

In the session “Professional burnout – new approaches in prevention and psychological correction” you will learn about contemporary views on the causes of development and the nature of burnout, learn effective methods of prevention and psychological correction, aimed at burnout causes rather than symptoms. 

You can join the session on September 17 at 10.10.