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Татьяна Бондарь

Tetyana Bondar

Director of the NGO “Ukrainian institute for social research after Oleksandr Yaremenko”. She has experience in conducting research on important issues of children, adolescents and youth.

On September 15 at 12:40 during the session “Experience of substance use (alcohol use; experience and frequency of smoking; marijuana)” participants will be able to listen to the information on alcohol use; experience and frequency of smoking; use of marijuana (“hemp”, “pot”) and hashish among minors in Ukraine.

The obtained data will be useful for adolescents, parents, teachers, members of the media, NGOs, all those who care about the problems of the younger generation and their health.

On September 16, at 10.30, Tetyana Bondar and Nataliia Dvinskykh will make a presentation “Mental health of juveniles in prisons in Ukraine (preliminary results of the study)”. They will talk about the study of mental health problems among juveniles under custody in Ukraine, using international tools, explain the specifics of the study. In particular, the Strength and Difficult Questionnaire and MAYSI-2 tools for screening the mental and psychological problems of adolescents in prisons will be presented.