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Oksana Prydatko

Psychologist, specialist of the Kyiv City Center for Public Health. The psychotherapist is registered with the Unified European Register of Psychotherapists (EAP) and has 30 years of experience working with substance-dependent patients in the city narcological hospital. Author of rehabilitation programs for people with addictions and their families, author of many trainings and webinars for professionals on the prevention of psychoactive substances use among adolescents and young people. Member of the working group for the creation of the Standard for the Rehabilitation of People with Psychoactive Substance Dependencies. She has many years of practical experience as a psychologist, psychotherapist with adolescents who use psychoactive substances.

– During the session “The impact of digital technologies on the quality of sleep and health of adolescents” Oksana will talk about common sleep problems in children and adolescents; the negative impact of the use of smartphones and gadgets on sleep problems in children and adolescents; as well as scientific data and recent research on the effects of digital technology on sleep. Session starts on September 16 at 10.30.

– The presentation “Marijuana and its impact on depression and anxiety”, which will begin on September 17 at 14.50, will contain information about scientific data and data from Oksana’s own practical work on the harmfulness of marijuana use in adolescence, the relationship between marijuana use in adolescence and mental disorders.