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Nataliia Pashko

Leading specialist. Specialist on working with cases of violence. Coordinator of work with children and adolescents of the Institute of Health Psychology. She has more than 10 years of experience as a practicing psychologist in rehabilitation centers for children and adolescents who are in difficult life circumstances.

Expert on conducting interviewing children who have suffered from violence, based on the friendly justice method. She is also a consultant, UNICEF project trainer, All-Ukrainian Civic Center “Volunteer” trainer in the field of protection of the child’s rights and interests and training of various actors in response to domestic violence.

Adolescence is a difficult and important period. During the session “Manifestations of aggression in adolescence: factors of origin and organization of care” will be considered, what are the important goals and novelties of adolescence. Participants learn about hormonal changes and neurobiological features of adolescence. Nataliia will analyze the difficulties that teenagers face and how to help them. Participants of the session will learn to analyze the “problematic behavior” of adolescents according to the proposed scheme and will work out an algorithm for responding to manifestations of aggression in adolescence.

The session will begin on September 17 at 14.00.