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Матвєєв Андрій - Copy

Andriy Matveyev

Senior social worker of the project “Bridging the Gaps: Health and Rights for Key Populations”, coordinator of the project “Underaged, overlooked: Improving access to integrated HIV services for adolescents most at risk in Ukraine”. Field of activity: provision of services for adolescents who use drugs. Experience of working with adolescents: 6 years in a correctional colony for minors and 3 years in the Day Care Center “Compass” of the CO “Kharkiv Charitable Foundation “Blago”.

– Andriy will conduct a preventive online quest “Drugs? Not my thing!” Participants will unite in six teams. Each team will earn points during the thematic stations. During the quest, participants will learn in an exciting way about the harms of drug use, safer behavior, methods of contraception, tolerance towards people living with HIV and human rights. Andriy will prove once again that prevention can be not only useful but also interesting.

Be sure to join on September 16 at 19.10!

– Moreover, during the session “Online platforms for interactive work with adolescents” participants will learn what are the current platforms for working with adolescents, how to create interesting content for adolescents and involve them in various online activities.

The session will begin on September 17 at 12.00.