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Gerda van't Hoff

Criminologist, former Senior Strategic Adviser of the Correctional Institutions Agency at the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

“It takes a village to raise a child’. The ‘Peaceful neighborhood’ program is an example of how parents, schools, organizations and local residents can work together to create a safe neighborhood in which youth get the chance to grow up as healthy and responsible adults. In the Correctional Juvenile Institutions juveniles who committed a crime are separated from society as a punishment. However, to get back into society well and to prevent recidivism a punishment is not sufficient. In the institutions Gerda with her colleagues on restorative education: relations with parents, friends, family and may be victims, must be restored. It is important the juvenile can rejoin in society safely and gets the chance to grow up as a responsible citizen

This topic will be discussed during the session by Gerda van’t Hoff and Marijke van Genabeek “Juveniles in correctional facilities and beyond them – our shared responsibility” on September 17 at 10.10