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Харьківська Тетяна 2

Tetyana Kharkivska

Specialist of the NGO “La Strada-Ukraine”, Project Manager of the Department of Scientific and Methodology Work and Mediation, author and compiler of a series of methodology manuals, e-course and video modules on peer mediation and peaceful conflict resolution, certified trainer, mediator, National Children’s Hotline consultant with more than 5 years of experience.

Most people around you say that conflicts are bad. There is someone who is a winner, and everyone else are losers. They cause only negativity. Sounds familiar? Then welcome to the session “Mediation. Learn to resolve conflicts peacefully”. Tetyana will teach how to get out of conflicts peacefully and not be afraid to resolve them. She will tell you what peer mediation really is and why it is needed. She will show the top 5 life hacks on how to resolve conflicts on your own. And in the end, Tetyana will share the most valuable asset – the treasury box of a real. Can’t believe your eyes? Yes, we can manage to do it in just 30 minutes. 

See you at the session on September 16 at 18.30!