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Arseny Pavlovskiy

Master in Health Psychology, Master in Social Work. Works with adolescents and adults who use drugs, adolescents and adults who have eating disorders and other problems.

– During the session “Counseling adolescents who use drugs and who have sought help involuntarily”, which will begin on September 15 at 14.20, participants will learn strategies for working with involuntary clients.

– During the session “Where does the concern for healthy eating end and eating disorders begin?” adolescents will learn to recognize the symptoms of the onset of eating disorders. If you want to know what to do to avoid it, join the session on September 16 at 16.25.

– On September 16 at 11.50 Arseny Pavlovskiy and Olha Sushko will make presentations on “Prevention of eating disorders” and “Eating disorders: classification, therapy”.